(1) Cut roughly around the design.
(2) Remove the parchment paper from design.
(3) Set dry iron to “wool” setting. Place fabric on a hard, flat surface and use iron
to warm fabric for 20 seconds. Place Iron-On glue side on fabric, reflective
side up and cover with the piece of parchment paper.
(4) Iron firmly over the parchment paper (designs part) for approximately 40-60 seconds.
(5) Once the fabric has completely cooled (after approximately 3 minutes), peel the backing from the design.
(6) If edges or fine lines of the design are not completely be adhered, placing the parchment paper back over the design and re-iron for approximately 20 seconds.

Make sure to let the design set on fabric for at least 24 hours before washing.
Machine wash inside out on “gentle cycle.”
Dry flat. When ironing garment, turn inside out or cover design with a piece of cloth.

Never iron on top of the transfer.

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