Fun, Interactive and Educational game for kids.
BINGO INSTRUCTION (1 caller, 2 players per set)
1. Prepare:
Cut the Bingo Game cards along dotted line.
Cut the sheet with the images into 25 pieces, follow the dotted lines.
Place all 25 images into a small container or face down.
2. Distribute: Hand out one Bingo card to each player.
3. Call: The caller selects one image, and tells the child to find the name on their Bingo card.
4. Play: The child now finds the name on the Bingo card, then puts the correct Dimensional Puffy Sticker over the name.
5. The player who first completes a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line with the Dimensional Puffy Stickers wins.
The Dimensional Puffy Stickers can be reused for hours of fun.
So when finished, place all items into bag for storage.


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